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Stockists of Public School Books in Delhi – Sahiba Enterprises

Educational books stockists seek students, schools

Sahiba Enterprises are Stockists of Reliable Question Bank for class IX and X, SA-I and SA-II, novels from Vth to XIIth and their help books, practical files and all CP (Convent Publications) and ND (Nandlal Dayaram) and all school books (Nursery onwards till XIIth class).
Address: G-58, Jail Road, Hari Nagar, New Delhi – 110058.
Contact Person: Mrs. Manjeet Kaur
Mobile: 9811170257, 9999775135.
Also PSA IX & XI, CP Digest of all subjects for classes VI to X, CP Guides for classes VI to X, English grammar books, Hindi grammar books.
All books are for private and public schools. They also undertake all kinds of printing jobs (school copies, registers, letterheads, bill books etc.).

pile of books   student

Sahiba Enterprises are stockists of Reliable Books who are educational publishers and are at Daryaganj, Delhi. Their url is at from where you can place an order for books. You have to select the book, class and type.

reliable books representative   reliable books representative 2

Reliable Books are publishers. Sahiba Enterprises are stockists.
About images: ‘Pile of books’ and ‘student’ are from RGBStock and the representative images of reliable books are from the website of Reliable Books.

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