About Kind Attention! Promotions, Shout Outs, Campaigns.


We write about stuff around us, about you. It’s promotion, yes.
This is autonomous functioning under and brought to you by ETHER DOMAINS.

Take a look at what we write about stuff around us. It’s promotion, yes. GIVE IT VISITS OFTEN. Contact us if you’d like to be overwhelmed!
Contact us for promotions, campaigns, workshops, seminars, announcements, shout outs. We’ll spread the message via cyber (other than WordPress) as well as press up a post right here on this WordPress if you so desire >> http://www.KindAttention.WordPress.com. Simple and elegant? Simply put, We promote your stuff! We tweet about you, your cause and we put up a blogger post as well on http://www.KindAttentionWorld.blogspot.com. We also splash this on Facebook via a post on http://www.facebook.com/KindAttention. Can it get better than this?
Tweet to us at https://twitter.com/KindAttention or message to us on the facebook page! It’s on Twitter too that we spread awareness about ya! So you are blasted via 4 fronts! Got it? Get a feel right now. Visit the fronts!

Update Oct. 2, 2014: There is now http://www.kindattention.in which is the parent website for this programme.

Parent Website: Kind Attention India

Fronts (mentioned above):-

Kind Attention On Facebook

Kind Attention On Blogger

Kind Attention On WordPress (This One)

Kind Attention On Twitter

And Damn Good Domains? That’s Ether Domains!


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